Key Changes:


  1. Monthly invoice payouts: Monthly invoices will be paid out from Lazada Singapore Pte. Ltd. instead of Redmart Limited
  2. Returns: We have ceased the returns process. We will no longer be returning undelivered dry items to sellers
  3. RSS Service Level and Quality Assessment: There has been a revision to the Service Level and Quality assessment standards. Charges for not meeting the standards have also been revised (see Clause 11 and Appendix 3 for more information)


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Q: Are there any changes to my commission rate?


A: Unless communicated via other written documentation, your commission will remain the same as per the original contract you had signed with RedMart


Q: Will there be any changes to daily operations?


A: No. Daily operations will remain the same. Some sellers would be part of the Seller Self Pick & Pack scheme (SSPP) and will have a slightly different pick-up model. In the future, we may adopt different types of pick-up models to improve the efficiency of picking and customer fulfilment rates


Q: Will I be paid for the undelivered items that are no longer returned to me?


A: Yes. You will be paid for undelivered items less the commission.