1) What is the Marketplace/RedMart Specialty Store (RSS) model?

In the Marketplace/RSS model, sellers have ownership of their own products. Sellers manage all aspects of their store on RedMart via Partner Portal including product listings, inventory management, pricing, promotions, as well as the picking and packing of the products. 

2) What is the Retail/DR model?

The second model is the traditional retail model where RedMart works with key suppliers by buying stock off the supplier at cost. RedMart then owns the stocks and will manage the inventory, pricing, promotions, as well as the picking and delivery of the products. PLEASE NOTE: In the retail model, suppliers will not manage their stock on Partner Portal. 

3) How is the Retail/DR model different operationally?

In the traditional retail model, the supplier has to deliver the products to our warehouse once a purchase order is sent by RedMart. There are no commissions involved as the supplier will sell their products to RedMart at their wholesale price or a price agreed upon by the supplier and our Category Managers. A list of trading terms have to be agreed upon with the relevant Category Managers prior to this arrangement. RedMart owns the stock once we receive them and therefore, all new listings and edits of these retail products will have to go through approval via the relevant Category Managers. 

4) Can I manage my products on Partner Portal once they have been transferred to the Retail model?

To improve the click-to-delivery lead times for our customers, our Category Managers may negotiate the shifting of items from the RSS model to the Retail model. Upon confirmation, you would receive a communication from your Category Managers to advise you of this shift. Once the items have been slated for transfer from RSS to Retail, you will no longer be able to make changes to the items on Partner Portal.