Q: What is Seller Self Pick & Pack (SSPP)?

SSPP is a new feature on the Seller Buddy that allows Sellers to have full control of the picking & packing process of the daily orders. With this new feature, you are now able to know earlier in the process if there are any errors or issues with the items being picked and rectify it beforehand. In addition, double handling and exposure of the orders is also reduced. Drivers will no longer have access to individual items and will collect the orders at a container level. Each container will be sealed to avoid any tampering.

Click here to see more: How does it work?

Q: What are the benefits of SSPP?

1. You will have full control of the picking & packing process.

  • No more need to manually pick the items and separately pile them up for RM DRs to scan & pack
  • Reduction in space required for picked items & RM DR scanning & packing process
  • No additional manpower required to be on standby during RM DR scanning & packing

2. Earlier awareness of issues with picked items.

  • No more last minute scrambling when Driver is there.

3. Reduction in product handling & risk exposure

  • You will be able to pick & pack directly into the totes provided by RedMart

  • Each tote will be sealed and thereafter collected by the RedMart representative

Q: Why should you be part of this program?

Productivity and efficiency is key to any business and as we want you to grow together with us, we are implementing this system to further enhance the capability to do more.

Sellers on our Pilot program have seen up to:

  • 10% reduction in product handling issues
  • 75% reduction in picking times
  • Savings of related headcount and time required to standby during driver pick up collection

Q: When does this program commence?

We have commenced onboarding for the Seller Self Pick & Pack scheme since Jan 2020. Every seller that has signed up will be allocated a start date based on when the team and yourself are ready.

Q: How do I register?

This program is currently only eligible for stores with DRY items only for stores that have an average of >200 pick up units per day. If this applies to you, please CLICK HERE to register and the team will be in touch with the next steps.

*If you have Fresh & Frozen items and are keen to sign up, please register your interest HERE and we will get in touch with you once we are ready to roll this out to our Fresh & Frozen pickups.

Q: I have registered. What's next?

Thank you for registering! Once you have filled up the form above, you should have selected your preferred date to attend the training where we will be onboarding your ground team for this SSPP program.

*Limited online webinar training sessions for now*

Q: Who should attend the training?

Once you have signed up to be part of the SSPP scheme, the training provided will be for your operations staff as the main change will be for them. As far as possible, we would advise you to send ALL the staff that are responsible for RedMart picking for the training. The training is relatively simple as the process is meant to be hassle free and as straightforward as possible.