As part of the migration efforts, there are some issues we identified inPartner Portal. Fret not! Some of these known issues are currently being fixed, we will provide more information along the way.

  1. Partner Portal may be taking longer than usual to load the pages. Please give it a little more time and the pages should load eventually.

  2. In the View Products section, the column 'Promotions' will not display the current promotions running for each product. Moving forward, this column will soon not be visible on this page. To check your promotions, please go to the Promotions section.

  3. You may face some issues updating product information (e.g price, barcode, supplier product code) for certain products and that is due to the attributes not being migrated accurately into Lazada's platform. For now, if you need to update product information for affected products, please contact Partner Support so we can assist you with the updates.

Should you experience any other difficulties accessing Partner Portal, please submit a ticket to Partner Support to let us know.