NOTE: From January 2019 onwards, all items that fall under Alcohol category (except wines) that passes Quality Check will be returned to Seller.

Every week, we process the undelivered items, which means we Quality Check all the items that for any reason did not reach the customer. 

You can check the items returned to you in "Partner Portal", section "Orders", tab "Returned"


If the items are not fit for re-selling, seller should reject it when we deliver the items back to you and we will not charge the seller in this case. If seller accepts the items, we will make the necessary adjustment. Once the invoice for the month is generated, the total amount of the undelivered items that are returned to you will be deducted from the total payout.


All the undelivered items that are returned to you (returned items) will be written off (deducted) from your monthly payout as seen in (j) and (k):

  • where (j) is the deduction from the amount from undelivered items (d)

  • where (k) is the refund of the deduction in (i)

We apply the commission to this item, just to avoid charging your more.


Here a simplified example to explain further the concept:

  • A customer purchases an item for SGD 100 from you

  • The agreed commission is 35%

  • The amount paid to you for this undelivered item would have been SGD 65 from RedMart

  • However, the item did not reach the customer and will be returned to you (returned item) in good condition

  • Since we returned this item to you, the amount we deduct from you should just be SGD 65


Should we not apply the commission, we would have deducted SGD 100 from your payout an amount which is higher than what would've been transferred to you.