You will receive the payment from RedMart 35 days after the end of the sales month e.g, you will receive the payment on 5th Sept for the sales in the month of July.


The payment will be made via Bank Transfer to the bank account which you have registered with us.


If you wish to change the bank account linked to your store, please submit a request to Partner Support clearly stating:

  • Subject: Store Name (as it appears on RedMart) | Change bank account

  • All the relevant information regarding the new bank account

    • A screenshot of bank statement header clearly showing Entity Name, Bank Name, and Account details

  • First month to start the transfer to the new bank account


If there is a discrepancy with your payout, please check for any communication about adjustments to be made (penalties or adjustment for discrepancies carried on from the previous month). If you have tried reconciling and the amount still does not tally, submit a request to Partner Support

  • Subject: Store Name (as it appears on RedMart) | Payment discrepancies

  • Month of relevance

  • Discrepancy amount (any images / attachments to facilitate the issue)

NOTE: No later than five (5) Business Days from the day of receipt of the sales report, the Seller shall notify RedMart of any questions or/and issues related to the sales report. If the Seller does not raise any issues regarding the sales report within such five (5) Business Day period, the sales report shall be considered final. Payment terms remain the same for RedMart sellers after 15 March 2019 for now. At this time, our systems are still separated from Lazada's and we will continue to settle the invoices on a monthly basis as it is today.