(A) Product Information that can be edited in Partner Portal

(B) Product Information that can be edited via Template Submission

  • Supplier Product Code

  • Barcode

  • RSP (Price) 

  • Stock

  • Status (Enabled / Disable) 

  • Product Name

  • Brand

  • Detailed Product Description

  • Manufacturer

  • Country of Origin

  • Selling Unit / Pack

  • Volume / Weight / Individual Pieces

  • Measure

  • Rich Product Content

  • Filter


(B) Editing Product Information via Template Submission

STEP 1: Download the templates (attached at the end of the article):

  1. Basic Information (e.g. Product name, Country of Origin, Brand)
  2. Basic Information + Other Attributes (e.g. How to Use, Age Range, Storage Guidelines, Dietary Information)

STEP 2: Fill out the template with RPC (mandatory) and enter the new values for the fields that you wish to edit - you may leave the other fields blank

STEP 3: Rename file as "CATEGORY_STORENAME_ProductInfoEditing" e.g. Frozen_UDDERS_ProductInfoEditing (Input the product category that makes up the majority of the products)

STEP 4: Attach the file in an email to rm_mstsupport@care.lazada.com


  • Please note that if you wish to change the pack type of an existing product, from one to the other, you are required submit it as a new product listing.
  • Do not contact rm_mstsupport@care.lazada.com for any other issues besides updating product information WITH templates provided herein