(A) Product Information that can be edited in Partner Portal

(B) Product Information that can be edited via Template Submission

  • Supplier Product Code

  • Barcode

  • RSP (Price) 

  • Stock

  • Status (Enabled / Disable) 

  • Product Name

  • Brand

  • Detailed Product Description

  • Manufacturer

  • Country of Origin

  • Selling Unit / Pack

  • Volume / Weight / Individual Pieces

  • Measure

  • Rich Product Content (insert link)

  • Filter (insert link)

(A) Editing Product Information in Partner Portal


Log-in to Partner Portal, and go to “Products” followed by “View Products”. Double-click on the field that you want to change, and enter the new information. Hit 'Enter" on your keyboard to ensure it is saved.



For Image update, please refer to this process here. 

1) Product code is used for your stock updates

2) Barcodes are important for pickups. Our driver will scan the barcode of all the products for pickup. If there is an error, please update the barcode on Partner Portal so that it matches the barcode on your product which will allow the driver to pick the item.


3) The Price shows the RSP (including GST). This is the price customers will pay for your products. Please bear in mind that this is not the promo price and, if you want to run a promotion, you should follow this process here.


4) You can update your stock individually under the Stock column. Alternatively you can update your stock in bulk by following the instructions here.


5) The status shows you whether your products are visible on RedMart website. This is a feature where you can now turn enable and disable your items.

  • Products that have stock at 0 for 60 days will be automatically turned OFF and can only be turned ON if the stock level is more than 0

  • If you receive an error message that says "Impossible to enable the item. Status is Disabled - New RPC", you should submit a request to Partner Support to enable them


Note: This function does not work on items which have not been launched or items that have incomplete details and images. You need more than 0 stock to turn ON a product.