There are 2 ways to update stock in Partner Portal: Individually and in Bulk.


To update your stock individually, go to the Product section in Partner Portal. Move your cursor:

  • Hover over the stock field and CLICK to edit

  • Type in the new value and hit Enter on your keyboard

Video tutorial:

To update your stock in bulk, go to the Product section in Partner Portal and select Stock Update.



Download the stock update template as seen in Red. 



Fill in the product code which is the Supplier Product Code and the Quantity. Once you have filled out the template, drag and drop the file in the grid.


Choose the row which your column headers/titles start. The default row is usually row 1, if not, please enter the corresponding row number where your header begins.

Once uploaded:

  • Select the column that represents your Supplier Product Code and Quantity (as seen below)

  • If you wish to change the file, click the "Upload a new file" link at the bottom

  • A preview of your upload will be displayed, please check that the codes and quantities are correct

  • Once you have verified the upload, please click “Complete Upload” 


Results of your upload will be displayed once it is completed.



  1. Always check your daily report for current stock levels on RedMart so you are aware of the stock levels

  2. The "product code" column in the template refers to the Supplier Product Code seen in Partner Portal


Video tutorial: