To make a booking for Only Image Editing (uploading your own product images for our team to edit & upload) follow the steps below:


  1. In Partner portal under the Product section, select “Booking Request”

  2. Select Existing Products

  3. Select Only Editing

  4. In the RPCs to Submit field, choose the RPCs that you wish to make the booking for.

    • You may choose to select the RPCs using the drop-down list function, or

    • Simply type the RPC numbers

    • Limit: Max. of 100 RPCs

5. Select ADD RPC(s) and for each RPC, you need to upload the product images via the “Select Images” button

  • A maximum of 6 images are allowed (Tip: products with more than 3 images generally sell better than those with less than 3, we’re talking about 50% more sales!)

  • Ensure your images are according to these requirements
  • Your image file names should not contain any special characters such as )(%!@#$^&*, etc.
  • You can choose the order of your images by using the up & down arrows

  • You can delete any image using the bin icon

  • Submit images to confirm 


In the booking summary, 

  1. Enter your Name,

  2. Contact number, and

  3. Email address

  4. Fill in your address for record purposes

  5. In the After Completion field, you have two options:

    • By default, it will mean that you do not want your products back after the imaging services

    • If you want your products back, select the button so it displays “YES” in green

  6. In the Notifications field, you have two options:

    • By default, it will mean you want to receive email notifications on the progress of your imaging service(s)

    • To not receive any notifications, select the button so it is grey in colour


Once you submit the request, a Booking ID# is generated along with the summary page.