WHAT IS THE DAILY REPORT? The daily report will be sent to you at midnight everyday. It keeps you up to date with the items you have fulfilled during the pick up in the day. An excel spreadsheet is attached to it, which also contains the current stock and price status of all your products.

If any item is not fulfilled or partially fulfilled, you get the Product Name highlighted in red just like in the Daily Report you receive. (see Fig 2).

Please check on the items picked and items not fulfilled, contact Partner Support if it does not match their pickup records. If you don’t have any more stock for this item, update the stock level accordingly.

WHAT IS IN THE EXCEL SPREADSHEET? The spreadsheet that you will receive contains 2 tabs:

  1. Picked up on DD-MM-YY: This tab is similar to the daily report that you received. It shows you the items that were picked from you today against the requested. It also has your Barcode/SKU, Product Name, Quantity Requested, Quantity Fulfilled, RPC and the Product Code. (See Fig 1)

Fig 1

  1. Current stock & price status: In this tab you can see the current level of your stock. Please do check if it is still accurate, and do update your current stock level on Partner Portal. The items that has zero quantity (out of stock), has to be updated with the available stock. This tab has your Barcode/SKU, Product Name, Size, Unit Price, Quantity Available, RPC and Product Code. (see Fig 2)

Fig 2

If you didn't receive the Daily Report, check  please email Partner Support at rm_partnersupport@care.lazada.com specifying the following:

  • Store name on RedMart
  • Pick up date of the Daily Report you did not receive