When to use Operations Hotline: +65 31639389  (Mon - Sun, 9AM- 8PM)

  • To get updates on driver delays and expected time of arrival

  • To get updates on cancelled pick up

  • To notify us about a complete out of stock situation (no stock for all the items on your pick up list)

  • To notify us that your shop have to be closed today

  • For any exceptional request you may have (e.g. to leave the items at the riser)

  • For any fulfilment discrepancy

Use this hotline only if the issue you’re experiencing refers to the current day pick up. If any of the above happened in the past, please contact Partner Support. Also, DO NOT contact this number for any other matter apart from the ones listed above. Our Driver Coordinator cannot help you with other issues Invoices, Listings, Promotions...