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How to apply for weekend pickups?

Dear Sellers, thank you for your participation in the 7-day availability initiative. Our customers are already seeing massive improvements to click-to-delivery times for their products especially on weekends when the demand for your products is highest. As we move to our new automated warehouse over the next few months, we will be able to process many more orders; and we genuinely believe that our sellers will benefit from the increased capacity.

If you are not on 7-day pick ups and would like to opt-in, please fill in the form below and our Partner Support team would reach out to you to confirm when they have enabled you for weekend pick ups.


Customers first has always been RedMart's main goal and availability is of our top priority. We firmly believe our continued focus on delighting our customers, by providing the best and widest product assortment, competitive pricing and promotions, and superior quality in fresh, coupled with the convenience of scheduled delivery, sets us apart from our competitors. 

As we will continue to invest in technology and infrastructure to deliver the level of service our customers expect, we would need our sellers to work with us to provide this top–notch service level. Sellers have historically had up to 25% sales uplift when they transition from 5 days to 7 day pick ups and up to 12% uplift when they move from 6 days to 7 day operations. 



In terms of process it is very similar to the existing one on weekdays, you will see the pickup list on Partner Portal and receive the pickup request through email. Order cut-off time and consecutive pickup request email notification time will be defined after this survey. Our drivers will come and pickup the items in the time slot agreed.

FAQ on 7-Days Availability

Q: As a Seller, why should I be available for pick ups at least 7 days/ week with minimum 1 pick up per day and what are the benefits in doing so 

A: 7 days availability means that customers will experience the fastest possible click to delivery for products purchased from a Specialty Store seller such as yourself. We will require all Sellers to be open 7 days/ week for at least 1 pick up/ day (excluding public holidays) for you to optimize availability to customers.  

Although, we have managed to build a large catalogue of products that our customers need and want, availability for delivery has been a massive flaw in our service to them. The click to delivery times to customers (the time it takes for a customer to receive the products from the time they checkout on the website) who order during the peak ordering periods during the week, i.e. Saturday and Sunday can in some cases go up to close to 100 hours which is more than 4 days because of unavailability of Marketplace items during the weekends. This results in a large number of shopping carts being abandoned, a bad experience for our customers and a significant loss in sales for our sellers. 

Key Benefits for shifting to 7 days/ week operations:  

  • In order to assess the real impact 7-day availability will have on sellers, we studied the performance of sellers who have moved from 5-day and 6-day operations to 7-day operations in the past year. On average, sellers of different sizes who shifted from 5-day to 7-day operations saw between 15-20% uplift in sales. Correspondingly, sellers who shifted from 6-day to 7-day operations saw between 7-10% uplift in sales.  

  • Peak months (Nov'19 – Feb'20) are coming soon and the seasonal months are the best months for RedMart Specialty Store sellers. Sellers who are available for pick ups 7-days a week see a disproportionately higher uplift in sales compared to sellers who are only available 5 and 6 days a week.  

  • Currently, we are fulfilling approximately 11,000 orders a day due to capacity constraints. We will be shifting to our new automated warehouse in November this year and over the course of a few months post-shift, we will be able to fulfill almost 25,000 orders. Sellers on RedMart who are available 7-days a week should expect to see exponentially higher sales especially on weekends, in line with higher customer ordering patterns on Saturday and Sunday. 



Q: Great, I'm convinced and ready to start ASAP, how can I apply and what is the lead time to start?  

A: You can apply for weekend pick ups hereIf you apply by Monday of the week, your weekend pickup will be enabled by our Partner Support team, for the same weekend. If you apply from Tuesday onwards, it will only be enabled for the next weekend.



Q: What are the incentives that RedMart will offer me to open 7 days/ week for pick up?  

A: All sellers who shift to 7-day operations will receive 3% commission incentives or a $500 adjustment, depending on which is lower, on a monthly basis from the month they convert to 7-day operations till the end of November 2019 

Important Note: 3% reduction in commission or $500 adjustment will be based on current commission charged.  

Q: What are the conditions I have to adhere to, to be eligible for the incentives?  


  1. Sellers must ensure that enabled stock and availability rates are consistent across all 7 days that they are open.  

  1. Sellers must be on 7-day operations for at least 6 months adhering to above condition (1).  

Important Note: After the official cut-off date of 11 October, 2019, RedMart reserves the right to terminate your store and charge sellers an amount equivalent to the commission adjustments that were given if the seller violates conditions for 7-day operations.  


Q: When will I receive these incentives and how will they be reflected?  

A: Sellers who start 7-day operations on a weekend which is before the 15th of the month will be eligible for the incentives from that month till end of November. If sellers start 7-day operations on a weekend which is after the 15th of the month, they will be eligible for the incentives from the next month till end of November.

EXAMPLE: Seller A's current commission = 33% and on a 6-day operations with RedMart,  

Scenario 1: Seller A starts 7-day operations on weekend of 20-21 July,  

  • Seller A is INELIGIBLE to receive the incentive for month of July.  

  • Seller A  will be ELIGIBLE from month of August onwards. Seller A will enjoy lowered commission rate/ rebate from August to November (4 months).  

Scenario 2: Seller A starts 7- day operations on weekend of 13-14 July 

  • Seller is ELIGIBLE to receive the incentive from month of July.  Seller will be charged a lowered commission of 30% or given $500 rebate in July's payout (which can be viewed in July's finance summary in Partner Portal). Seller A will enjoy lowered commission rate/ rebate from July to November (5 months).  


Q: I'm already on 7 days/ week pick up, am I eligible for these incentives?  

A: If you made the switch from 5/6 operations to 7-day operations from April 2019 onwards, you will be eligible for commission adjustments – 3% commission incentive or $500 adjustment, depending on which is lower, per month up to 5 months. Unfortunately, we are not able to extend this incentive beyond this timeframe.  


Q: I'm currently only open for 5 days/ week but I am interested to test with a Saturday morning pick up first before I start, is that possible?  

A: Yes, you can. However, you will not be eligible for commission incentives if you are not operating 7-days as week. You will be eligible for commission incentives when you shift from 6-day operations to 7-day operations  



Q: I'm interested, but my current warehouse does not open 7 daysweek to support this initiative, are there alternatives?  

A: You can contact our various 3PL partners who will be able to help you setup for weekend pick ups. You can view the services and rates offered below and contact them directly. Once you are set up for weekend pick ups, please submit your weekend enabling application here. Please note that you do not need to work with 3PLs and can even have your items picked up from your homes and offices if necessary during the weekend.  


Q: Can I have a different pick up location for the weekends?  

A: Yes, please indicate in the application form for weekend pick ups the complete address of the different location you would like us to pick up from.  


Q: Is there a briefing I can attend to understand more?  

A: Yes, we will be holding two briefings on 19 June 2019, Wednesday at 10.30am and 3.00pm at AXA Towers. Please RSVP here if you are interested to attend (limited seats, first come first serve).  


Q: I am not interested to open 7 days/ week, what will happen to my store on RedMart?  

A: Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to house your store on RedMart channel and your store will be deactivated by 11 October 2019. However, you can continue selling on Lazada by signing up to be a seller via Lazada Marketplace here 


Q: Is RedMart getting anything out of the partnerships with the featured 3PLs? 

A: No. The 3PLs featured provide reliable, value-for-money services that will equip sellers to be operational 7-days a week on RedMart. RedMart is not involved in any negotiations between sellers and the 3PLs on rates and services rendered. 


Q: Are there other alternatives other than the 3PLs?  

A: For now, sellers will have to work on becoming available for pick ups 7 days a week either by opening up their warehouses/offices themselves or with the help of 3PLs. You do not have to use the recommended 3PL options provided by RedMart and are more than welcome to source for logistics partners on your own. 



Q: I am not interested to open 7 days/ week, what will happen to my store on RedMart?  

A: Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to house your store on RedMart channel and your store will be deactivated by 11 October 2019. However, you can continue selling on Lazada by signing up to be a seller via Lazada Marketplace here 


Q: I currently sell temperature controlled products and I am not able to fulfill orders as I am using RedMart as the fulfilment to customers but I am not willing to open 7 days, what are my options?  

A: Selected 3PLs will be able to store and handle your temperature controlled products. Please reach out to them.  


Q: Will your store still be closed on Public Holidays?  

A: Yes, RedMart automatically closes all Sellers' stores on Public Holidays.  


Q: Can I still close my store for special events eg. Stock take?  

A: Yes, you can still close your store via Partner Portal 7 days in advance.  


3rd Party Logistics Partners (3PL) for weekend support

In alphabetical order:


Business Engineers Asia (BEA)




IM Freight

The rates for the 3PLs are attached below, download them to view.