Closing your store refers to setting the dates of unavailability (when you are not able to fulfil pickups) in Partner Portal. 

When to close your store

  • Under any circumstance that prevents you from fulfilling the orders in a particular day, e.g. stock take, company D&D, moving of warehouse, your personal holidays...
  • Early closing times. In this case we will be very hard for us to pick up items from you within a shorter pick up window, so we'd prefer you to close the store and avoid a bad experience for our customers.
  • We do not perform pick ups during public holidays and your store will be automatically closed - you will not receive any pick up requests.

Do set your closing dates 7 days in advance in Partner Portal. Learn how to set your closing dates here. As long as the dates have been set, you will not receive pickup requests on those days, and your customer orders will be picked up on the day before the closing date.

Watch quick tutorial on how to close your store:


Having your store open when no one is around to fulfil pick ups will give the customers the chance to place an order for your items and NOT have them delivered on the dates you're not around. This will cause our customers to feel dissatisfied as their orders are not fully fulfilled. Fines are imposed for Sellers who do not close their store in time as we would be wasting time and resources travelling to your store with the possibility of not picking up any item.