To start, log-in to Partner Portal and go to the Promotions section. 

Please note that Partner Portal prefers Chrome!

In this section, you can see all the promotions created for your products (if any). If you want to check all the promotions created, both new and old, just click on the tab ALL. Otherwise, you can see only the promotions which are active (tab LIVE) or the ones that are already expired (tab EXPIRED).

To create a new promotion, click on the button CREATE PROMOTION. You will be opening the page to define all the conditions and the scheduling:

Here's an explanation for the 5 fields that you are requested to fill up:

  • PROMOTION TYPE - Here's where you select which kind of promo you want to run on your products:
    1. You can select Single if you want to run promotions like XY% OFF or SGD XY OFF 
    2. You can select Multi-Buy, if you want to run promotions like Buy 3 Save 25% (the case explained in this content)

  • CONDITIONS (saving value, how much the customer gets as discount) here is where you decide which kind of discounts you want to give your customers when you select the Single promo type. You can choose among an AMOUNT OFF ($) kind of discount (e.g. SGD 10 OFF if you buy ANY 2), a PERCENTAGE OFF (%) kind of discount (e.g. 10% OFF if you buy ANY 2), or a FOR ($) kind of discount (e.g. Buy X for $Y). Also, you will be able to select the "Units Customer Must Buy", so the minimum number of units that the customer has to buy in order to access the discount.

    1. Just select the type of discount and then type in the value. For instance, if you want to run a SGD 5 OFF discount if the customer buys ANY 2, you should choose AMOUNT OFF ($) from the dropdown and then type 5. Then you should select "Any 2 items per bundle" from the dropdown "Units Customer Must Buy";

    2. Please note that the value of that the max potential discount should be more than 0 but less than the 90%. If you try to create a promotion with a max potential discount of more than 90%, the system won’t allow you to proceed;

    3. Also, if you decide to run a promotion with a max potential discount value of more than 50%, the system will ask you to acknowledge the request

    4. Please note that the price of the RPC in the BUY X FOR $Y bundle should NOT be lower than $(Y/X), else the promotion does not have a discount.

    5. Finally, for the "Units Customer Must Buy", you can choose a value from 2 to 6. If you select 4 for instance, the customer has to purchase any of the 4 products among the eligible ones to get the discount.

  • SCHEDULING - Here’s where you can define the start and end date of your promotion:
    1. Please note that the same RPC can’t be in two promotions at the same time. The system will detect that you have added a RPC already in another promotion with clashing dates and it will block you from proceeding further
    2. Kindly note that you should respect the format suggested, so DD/MM/YYYY. Any variation will prompt an error
    3. Now you can set up promotions even for the same day

  • USAGE LIMITS - Here's you can define whether your promotion should run for an unlimited number of times (so you are not really interested in how many times it is enjoyed in general and/or by the same customer), or you can define to put a limit to the redemption. You can place two types of limits for the redemption of your promo:
    1. USES FOR THIS PROMOTION - how many times the promotion can be used in general. If you are interested in limiting the usage, just select “Limited Uses” from the dropdown, and key in the number of times the promo can be used.
    2. USES per CART - how many times the promotion can be used by the same customer order. If you are interested in limiting the usage, just select “Limited Uses” from the dropdown, and key in the number of times a single customer can access your promo.

  • PRODUCTS ON PROMOTION - Here's where you can indicate the products to be put in promo and that will form the pool of items that the customer can select from to create the bundle:
    1. Please note that you have multiple stores, you have to use the RPCs belonging to the store you are accessing while create the promo. For example for Store A, you should access Partner Portal for Store A and use the RPCs of Store A. For example for Store B, you should access Partner Portal for Store B and use the RPCs of Store B
    2. Type or copy and paste the RPCs of the products you want to include in this promotion. All the RPCs should be separated by space or comma. You can copy and paste multiple RPCs at once.

Once you are done with the condition, click PREVIEW. You’ll be redirected to a summary page where you can double check the products included in your promotion and confirm the creation.

Please note that all the items with a discount between 50% and 74% will be highlighted with a orange mark and all the items with a discount higher than 75% will be highlighted with a red mark. These levels of discounts are higher than the average discount value but you can still proceed with the creation. We just want you to double check and acknowledge the discount so to prevent any excessive value set up by mistake.

Once you are done with the checking, click SUBMIT

  • If you have items marked in orange/red, you’ll be shown a request to acknowledge the discount level before proceeding with the creation. In case you are unsure about this, just click on the “X” and go back to the preview page to double check the items with high level of discount.
  • If you don’t have items marked orange/red, the promotions will be created immediately.

Once the promotion is set up, you’ll be re-directed to the page with the list of promotions already set up. The newest one will appear on top of the list, and set to the status "ENABLED".