Below you can see all the types of promotions with examples that you can create for your store:

  • Single item with a percentage discount: e.g. 20% OFF
  • Single item with a fixed dollar discount: e.g. Save $2
  • Multi-buy deals (Mix & Match to get a percentage discount): e.g. Any 2 Save 30%, Mix 3 Save 10%
  • Multi-buy deals (Mix & Match to get savings): e.g. Any 4 Save $12
  • Multi-buy deals (Mix & Match to FOR discount): e.g. Any 4 For $12
  • Multi-buy deals (Buy more of the same item to get a percentage discount): e.g. Buy 3 Save 25%
  • Multi-buy deals (Buy more of the same item to get savings ): e.g. Buy 2 Save $5
  • Multi-buy deals (Buy more of the same item FOR savings ): e.g. Buy 2 For $5
  • Special discount name: e.g Buy 1 Add 1 Free, Buy 2 Add 1 Free, Half Price, etc. (Please submit a request to Partner Support team for the change in promotion name)


  • Any discounts that displays a % saving will be rounded down, e.g. A discount set that reflects 10.5% will be shown in the website as 10%. Therefore, please always check that the discount is set to your desired level.
  • We DO NOT allow sales of short shelf-life products (e.g. clearance), Sellers will be penalised for any products that do not pass QA standards.

Here are some tips on how to use promotions more effectively:

  1. Products that have variants will benefit from a Mix and Match multi-buy discount, eg. Different Chocolate Flavours (Sea Salt, Coconut, Dark, White), Different Sizes of Diapers.
  2. Multi-buy discounts help to increase basket size (customers adding more of your products into their cart)
  3. Having promotions for different items every month instead of having the same promotions for the same items each month
  4. RedMart has changed our pricing for the benefit of our customers. We now offer our customers non-rounded promotional pricing. Non-rounded pricing is not yet common in Singapore. Some customers may not be familiar with promotional prices not ending in 5¢ or 10¢, you may want to consider whether you offer rounded or non-rounded promotional pricing on your products.

This is how promotions are shown on our website.