If you have read the pick up request email, or you have gone to the Pick Up tab in Partner Portal, you should have the list of items to be prepared.


Before the pick up you should make sure of the following:

  • You DO NOT need to pack the items by orders, you just need to pick them and set them aside for the pickup. If you are selling both food and non-food items, please ensure to segregate them for our driver to collect separately.

  • All the items should be brand new and intact. No stains or any form of damage should be on the product or on the packaging

  • The items should be in the right size, corresponding to what the website states, e.g. If an item is listed on Redmart with a volume of 500ML, when purchased you should make sure you handle the item with this volume. Any other item will not be picked (even if you try to handle 3 x 200ML to substitute a 1 x 500ML, we won't accept them)

  • All the items should be in the correct quantity as per Pick Up request. Kindly note that if you have a promotion "Buy 1 get 1 free" active on a product, our system will already consider it, so please don't handle any extra item with respect to the list of items.

  • If you are selling food items, kindly make sure to handle items with a reasonable expiry date with respect to the product category. Handwritten expiry dates will NOT be accepted by us, please ensure they are stamped or affixed on the product.

    • Example, if you are selling canned foods, the items should have at least 6 months of shelf life available. Right now, for Fresh items, we are also providing the minimum Acceptable Expiry Date for pick up and we will soon not picked if the it is not respected. Please make sure you are align with RedMart Quality Control. 

  • All the items should have a visible and readable barcodes and the digits of the barcode should correspond to the ones in Partner Portal (the digits recorded under the column SKU/Barcode, as per screenshot attached). Our driver will come with a device and will scan ALL the items to be picked and if an item is not scannable, he won't pick it. 

  • Ensure that all the items have proper packaging. The item and packaging should not have any defects (e.g. scratches, marks, tears). Fragile items should be handled with care and packed with bubble wrap.

  • For items that you are selling in bundles (a collection of items that are sold together e.g. 6 in 1 packs, Hampers, 1+1Promo), please ensure that you have these packed together in a single packaging which is properly sealed and has a barcode pasted outside of the packaging.



  • If your items don't come with a printed barcode, you should ask Partner Support for RedMart barcodes that then you should print and stick on the items. Partner Support can also help you to produce barcode templates.

  • Do not prepare the items by order and don't pack multiple items together, as our driver need to scan all of them anyway

  • If the item comes with freebie or samples, make sure you put the item and the additional product in carton box or in bag, seal it and print and stick the barcode of the main item outside the carton box or the bag. Any loose item will not be delivered to the customers as we don't have a corresponding order for it

  • If you don't have the right item, please don't try to handle us a different version of it. Different flavours, colours etc will not be picked by our driver