Have your products shot by SnappyFly (at a special rate) and provide us with the images!

Why do we recommend this solution?

  • This helps shorten the new product listing process for you (since you will have your own images, we only need to edit and upload them for your new products).

  • You can send products to SnappyFly even before the RPCs are created by us.

  • Images will be shot according to our guidelines and specifications.

  • Images shot by SnappyFly can be used on your own websites and channels (except for other third-party e-commerce websites).


How do I contact SnappyFly?

For more information, download the Rate Card, instructions to engage SnappyFly's services are included.


What happens after you receive the images from SnappyFly?

  1. Proceed to make a booking for Dimensions & Editing via Partner Portal.

  2. Prepare the products and send them down the following Wednesday or Friday for mandatory dimension-taking.