Rich product content is more than just product description, price and images, it helps make your products shine online and drives customer purchase decisions. Rich product content are images and attributes that helps customer understand your products further, e.g. How to Use, Ingredients, Storage.


The Rich Product Content available per category can be found in the following sheet. Click to find out more about the attributes you can include for your product.

Please email the completed template to



If you have indicated your products as Yes for Halal and Organic filters, you are required to send us proof for this claim HERE (rename your documents with StoreName_Halal/Organic, e.g. MyFood_Halal). We will validate this internally to ensure we present our customers with the most accurate information.


If product is claimed to be: 

What we will need from you: 


  • Ensure products with HALAL certification mark on packaging

  • Provide HALAL certificate from HALAL certification body that is recognized by Singapore MUIS 


  • Ensure products with ORGANIC logo on the packaging and certified as organic under an inspection and certification system that complies with the CODEX guidelines for the production, processing, labelling and marketing of organically-produced foods, GL 32-1999; or similar 

  • Provide ORGANIC certificate