In case you no longer sell a certain product, you can now discontinue it and hide it from the main catalogue.


Before you proceed, please note the difference between disabling a product and discontinue it:

  • When you DISABLE an item, you click on the switch "OFF" on the right-hand side of any product, you are just making it invisible to the customer on our website. At any time, you can re-enable this item by clicking on the "ON" switch.

  • When you DISCONTINUE an item instead, you are permanently removing it from your catalogue and RedMart will assume you no longer carry this product and other Sellers might start selling it. RedMart may keep the historic data of this product, to re-enable it please email Seller Support at


To discontinue products, just go in to the section "Products" of Partner Portal, search and select the relevant item(s) and click on the checkbox to the left of the item to select it. The "Discontinue Selected Products" button will appear at the top of the list - click to discontinue the selected items.



You will be asked to confirm the action and once done, the item(s) discontinued will appear in the section dedicated to "discontinued" items.



In cases where you experience an error while discontinuing products, please email Seller Support at