Our communication to you cover various topics and we'd like to know whom in your company/store would be the right person to receive them. This does not include the Daily reports & Monthly business review which are sent automatically to contacts that are registered during on-boarding.

Please fill in the form HERE (or at the end of this article) to subscribe contacts for the purpose of receiving communication from us. We strongly advise one person to fill up the form for the company / store to avoid duplication issues.

How to fill the form:

  1. Select "Default" under the field Purpose to subscribe all contacts for the first time. Select "Adding Contacts" to add more contacts moving forward.
  2. You may indicate up to 10 email addresses and select the topics relevant for that contact. You may choose multiple topics for one contact.


  • If you have more than 10 contacts to subscribe, please fill out the form again.
  • To unsubscribe contacts, please click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the emails sent from noreply.sellersupport@redmart.com.
  • We send out communication weekly, and you will be notified immediately on any emergencies.
  • You can view the latest communication sent to you in our Announcement Center here.
  • To ensure our emails get delivered to you successfully, whitelist our email address, learn how to do so here.

Please note that this is not for adding contacts to your store, this is only for the sole purpose of receiving communication from us. If you wish to add contacts to your RedMart store, please submit a request to Partner Support.