• If you DO NOT have your own images, please approach our Partner, SnappyFly for product photography services. More information here.
  • Due to overcapacity, dates to drop-off your samples for DIMENSIONS & PHOTOGRAPHY are stated in the booking form option (refer to image below). If you have your own product images, please select the Dimensions & Editing option.

If you have created new items on, and these are already visible in your Partner Portal, you may now book an Imaging Service by filling out this BOOKING FORM.

Please note that moving forward, ALL Marketplace Items must be sent to us for having their dimensions taken. Please select the most appropriate type of request you require.

Through this form, you will be able to book the following services:

  • Dimensions and Photography - seller's products will be sent to our photo studio for photoshoot and dimension taking

  • Dimensions and Editing - seller provides own images and products will be sent to our photo studio for dimension taking

NOTE: These services are available only for items already visible in Partner Portal

Please follow the steps below to book an Imaging Service:

1 - Launch the form, by clicking this link.

2 - Please give us your personal information to be able to identify you as one of our Marketplace Sellers

3 - Indicate the EXACT number of samples you intend to send over. Please be precise as any extra item will be automatically disregarded and any missing item will require a new booking. Also tell us if you intend to send over any temperature controlled items or very big items so that we can get ready to accept them. For temperature controlled items we won't respect the cold chain, hence these items will be disposed. 

4 - Prepare an excel file with the necessary information to describe your items. The mandatory information required are RPC, Barcode Number and Product Name. Bookings without a file uploaded or contains incomplete information will be considered invalid.

As the Imaging Services are only applicable to items already listed on RedMart, hence you need to have the RPC number for all the items you intend to send over.

Select the most appropriate type of request and proceed.

5 - Only if you selected the Editing and Dimensions service, you will need to specify the amount of images you're uploading and the confirmation that you have uploaded all of them in Dropbox. Please make sure to respect our requirements and to send us images for items that have been already created. More info on our requirements for the images, here.

  • When in Dropbox, please sign out of your own dropbox account to upload these pictures. 
  • After they are successfully uploaded, please fill in your Store Name in the field [First Name] followed by the your email address. 
  • Lastly, confirm below that you uploaded the pictures.

6 - Once you submit the form, you will see the following confirmation message.

7 - Sending your products down

Please send your products to our office on the dates according . 

Kindly retrieve them in a timely manner after 4 weeks (products will be disposed if not collected within 2 months).

ATTENTION: RedMart Photography Team
OPENING HOURS FOR PICKUP & DROP-OFF: Wednesday and Friday ONLY, 10am to 5pm (please avoid 12-2pm)

Please note that Dry and Fresh/Frozen samples have different drop-off points

ADDRESS for DRY items: 6 Fishery Port Road, Singapore Wine Vault Building, Level 6, Dimensions Room, Singapore 619747

Directions to Dimensions Room for DRY items

ADDRESS for FRESH/FROZEN items: 6 Fishery Port Road, Singapore Wine Vault Building, Level 7, Photography Studio, Singapore 619747

Directions to Photography Studio for FRESH/Frozen items

1) Label delivery boxes with the store & company name, address (to send items back) and the list of products sent
2) If you list products in cases (bulk), please provide the whole case for dimensions purposes
3) Please provide products that look new and do not have plastic wrapping so as not to affect the quality of the picture
4) The barcodes on the items must match the ones provided in the New Listing template

*Please do not make duplicate bookings for your products unless necessary