Why are barcodes important?

Our Fulfillment Center (FC) relies heavily on the barcodes and any mismatch will result in operational issues. So, having proper and correct barcodes affixed on products and on Partner Portal is key to providing the best possible customer experience.

How are barcodes read?

The first thing you should know about barcodes is that, for every barcode, there is a machine readable (read by the scanners) and a human readable (read by humans) as indicated below. 

What type of barcodes does RedMart accept?

The most popular barcode standards on products sold by RedMart are EAN-13 (13 digits, used Internationally, with or without leading 0) and UPC-A (12 digits, used mainly in the US). The below picture shows how to identify EAN-13 and UPC-A barcodes.

Important things to know about these barcodes:

  • EAN-13 (with leading 0): While the human readable shows 13 digits, the machine readable is encoded with only 12 digits without the leading 0 after multiple tests we had done. The right barcode to enter on Partner Portal is the 12-digit barcode without the leading 0.
  • EAN-13 (not with leading 0): These barcodes have consistent 13 digits both machine and human readable. The right barcode to enter on Partner Portal is the entire 13 digits.
  • UPC-A: There is a digit at the beginning and a digit at the end that is slightly smaller, separated in the human readable. This is the area where you might get confused and omit these digits. The right barcode to enter on Partner Portal is the entire 12 digits.

For more information on these barcodes and others that you may encounter, please click here to find out more!

I am experiencing some issues with barcodes, how can I fix it?

We have identified some possible issues you may face with barcodes during pickup, let’s see how you can fix those!

1. My product barcodes are not accepted by Driver’s device during pickup

Our driver will test the barcode a few more times on the spot and if the barcode is still not readable, the product will not be picked

You can then send in a high resolution image of the barcode to Seller Support so we can test it and confirm if the barcode is scannable. If the issue persist, new barcodes will have to be generated for the product.

2. Barcodes can be read by Driver’s device but the output is not what is expected
Our driver will show you the incorrect output on his device and the product will not be picked

You can update the correct barcode on Partner Portal immediately, allowing our driver to scan once more and proceed to pick the product once the issue is resolved.

3. Barcodes that are not affixed to the product or bundle
Our driver will not collect items that have no physical barcode affixed to the item or bundle

You need to ensure that the barcodes are pasted on the product or bundle and is not easily detached.

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