Now till Christmas is an optimal period to maximise sales and we're calling out to you to list hampers and gift sets! They offer great value proposition as our customers enjoy gifting during this festive season. Let's work together to offer range, selectionand convenience for our customers MORE THAN EVER this year!

Things to note if you wish to list hampers & gift sets:
  • All products in the hampers must fall under the same storage temperature - frozen & chilled products should not be mixed with dry products

  • Hampers that requires temperature control (e.g. frozen & chilled products) - dimensions are restricted to a max of L 45 x W 30 x H 28 cm 

  • Hampers that DO NOT require temperature control (e.g. dry products) - dimensions are restricted to a max of L 45 x W 30 x H 84 cm

  • Hampers must be packed and sealed properly using proper boxes or other packaging that provides substantial protection for the products

To maximise your sales during this period, please submit your listings latest by 13 October 2017.

When sending the template via email or sharing a copy of the template via Google Docs, please use this subject: NIS for Christmas | [SELLER NAME] | [# OF SKUS]

Click to learn how to list new products HERE.

If you have any queries, a look into our Help Center may provide you with an instant answer. As we always say, our team is constantly working to bring you more features and a better service. To do that, your feedback is essential. Write to Seller Support and share your thoughts with us, we will convey your feedback to our Tech Team!