We heard you and we've simplified the Invoice section in Partner Portal for ease of understanding your payout details! The Invoice section is now called Finance and it includes:

Summary of the month

The restyle version of the old summary table, where you can check all the main components to your monthly payout. You can find all the details about this section HERE.

Invoice(s) of the month

The section that contains the RedMart Invoice showing commission amount to be deducted from your payout and the Seller Invoice showing the total amount to be added or deducted from your payout due to undelivered and returns.

Document History

In case we need to regenerate any of your invoice, in this section you will have access to all the versions of the  invoices. You can find all the details about this section HERE.

Learn more about the Finance section HERE

We also want you to know...

The Give Feedback button in Partner Portal has been replaced with Contact Support, leading you to submit a ticket to Seller Support whenever you have queries.

However, we encourage you to look into the Seller Support Help Center for instant answers to your queries before you write to Seller Support.

As we always say, our team is constantly working to bring you more features and a better service. To do that, your feedback is essential, so Contact Support and share your thoughts with us, we will convey your feedback to our Tech Team