We both know customers love a good deal and that’s precisely why it’s important to attract customers with good promotions! You can start now by putting your items on promotion via Partner Portal, and this will save you more time than going through your Category Manager and Seller Support.

What are the types of promotions you can run?

How do you set up promotions in Partner Portal?

If you have some promotions that have not been created by CMs or Seller Support yet, please set them up in Partner Portal on your own and notify Seller Support about it. 

Learn how to set up Single promotions here!

Learn how to set up Multi-Buy promotions here!

What about LiveUp promotions?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to set up LiveUp promotions directly from Partner Portal. To do that, you just need to fill up the downloadable template and send it to sellersupport@redmart.com. If you are not familiar on how the template works, you can learn how to fill it up here.

How to maximise your sales?

Here are some tips on how to use promotions more effectively:

  1. Products that have variants will benefit from a Mix & Match Multi-Buy discount e.g. Different Chocolate Flavours (Sea Salt, Coconut, Dark, White), Different Sizes of Diapers.

  2. Multi-buy discounts help you to increase basket size.

  3. Holding promotions for different items every month instead of having the same promotions for the same items each month.

We have more insights on how to increase your sales here.

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