We are excited to share some new improvements we have made to communicate better with you!

We are now sending out communications to you on Tuesdays and Thursdays

To ensure you receive important information and updates in a timely and organised manner. Do note that for any emergency that requires your immediate attention, we will send the relevant communication to you immediately.

We categorised these communications so you can identify them easily

Generally, you’ll be receiving communication of these types: 

  • Announcements

    This includes, but not limited to, any changes in services, improvements in Partner Portal or campaigns that are happening, etc.
  • Reminders

    This includes, but not limited to, list new products for festivity or event, closing of store for upcoming holidays, update stocks for appropriate seasons, etc.
  • Urgent

    This type of communications are for emergencies, which contain important information that require your immediate attention/action
  • Please Read: Finance Updates

This type of emails are mostly for important information regarding finance issues or any changes, etc.

We made ALL these communication we sent, accessible to you in the Announcement Center

For your convenience, we have also set up an Announcement Center in the Seller Support Help Center. It is a repository of all the communication which we are going to send you, so you can skip the hassle of searching through emails. Find all of them HERE!

As we always say, our team is constantly working to bring you more features and a better service. To do that, your feedback is essential. Share your thoughts on this improvement and in general how useful is the Help Center! Just write to Seller Support and we will convey your feedback to our Tech Team!