For each month of transaction we generate two invoices and they can be found in Partner Portal, under the Finance section. This page is generated after the month is fully concluded and consolidated, hence during the first days of the following month (e.g. the invoices for February, will be visible on the first or the second of March).

If you look at the table "Invoices for the (Month)" in the Finance section of Partner Portal, you will recognise the following documents:

  • RedMart Invoice is the invoice that RedMart issues to you for the amount corresponding to the commission on successfully delivered items and any possible performance fee. To check on which are the successfully delivered items, please check this content
  • Seller Invoice is the invoice that we issue to ourself on your behalf and it corresponds the total amount to be added or deducted to your payout based on undelivered items, items returned to you and any possible adjustment

You can download the excel spreadsheet that contains the details corresponding to both the invoices, by clicking on the button Download Details.