For any daily pickup-related issues, you can reach out to our Driver Coordinator by calling this number: +65 8821 6826

The number will be active from Monday to Sunday - from 9AM to 8PM. Please do not call any other main lines of RedMart for this purpose.

Please make sure to contact this number ONLY for the following issues you face with the current day pickup:

  • To receive update on driver delays and the expected time of arrival

  • To get update on a cancelled pickup

  • To notify us about a complete Out of Stock situation (meaning you don't have stocks for products we requested)

  • To notify us that your shop will be closed due to same-day emergency

  • For any exceptional request (e.g. to leave the items outside of the store) - our Driver Coordinator will assess the feasibility of your request

  • For any fulfilment discrepancy

If any of the above happened in relation to pickups in the past, as well as other matters besides pickups, please contact  Partner Support.

Please DO NOT contact this number for any other matter apart from the ones listed above. Our Driver Coordinator CANNOT help you on invoices, listings, promotions or any other information.

Please be respectful of the instructions above so to ensure that the Driver Coordinator can effectively help you. Any misuse of this number will create an unnecessary queue for other Sellers that may have real daily pickup issues!