We are glad to announce that we just released an important improvement to the Finance section in Partner Portal!

From now on, in case we need to regenerate any of your invoice (e.g. for discrepancy found after the month is closed, or for any bug), you will have access to the original invoice and payout details, as well as the updated version.

All the versions of the relevant documentation will be available in a section called "Document History" at your disposal in each month.

Finally, our team is constantly working to bring you more features and a better service. To do that, your feedback is essential. Share your thoughts on this improvement to the finance section and in general how do you like Partner Portal! Just write to sellersupport@redmart.com and we will convey your feedback to our Tech Team!

You can find all the details about this new section and how to consult it by clicking on the links below:

How do I View the Invoice in Partner Portal?

What is Document History?

If you need any assistance, please check our Help Center.

If your enquiry is not covered by any content available, please follow this link and submit a request to Seller Support.