It is no longer the big that eat the small... it's the fast that eat the slow.

Welcome to the 4th quarter, the most wonderful and profitable months of the year! Let’s join forces to make this the best Christmas yet for our customers! What we do now is crucial to ending the year strong, so let's begin the process of listing new products for Christmas. Find out how below:

How Do I List New Products?

How Do I Fill In The New Product Template?

If you're sending the template via email, please use this subject:

NIS for Christmas | [SELLER NAME] | [# OF SKUS]

If you're sharing a copy of the template via Google Docs, please rename it to:
NIS for Christmas | [SELLER NAME] | [# OF SKUS]

Christmas is typically a peak selling season, and shopping for the festivity usually begins in November. There will be an increase in sales due to gift purchases, decorations and celebration supplies, so don't miss out!

Good luck and happy new listings!