If you are checking the "Pending Returns" tab and one or more items of that list haven't been returned to you just yet, you should consider the following:

  • If the month has just started, just give it until the end of the month. We are trying to deliver back to you all the items in a timely manner, but sometimes some shipments could be delayed
  • if the month is over and the invoice has been produced already, you can contact sellersupport@redmart.com to notify. Please note that around the second week of the following month, we check all the items for which we haven't received the pull out form back and process the necessary invoice adjustment. So even if you don't contact sellersupport@redmart.com, your refund will be automatically processed.

Please note that only the items under the tab "Pending Returns" will be returned and not necessarily all the items "Undelivered". This because our Quality team may deem some items not resealable. In that case, we will purchase those items (more info here).