As mentioned in this article, the Pick Up tab gives you the indication of when a particular order will be picked up by us on a certain date.

Everyday, the list gets consolidated and final after the cut off time (8.40AM for the Morning Pick Up and 11.55AM for the Afternoon Pick Up) and the items indicated there will be the one picked by us that day.

We have now added one more feature in the Pick Up tab, and it is the possibility to export the list of items to prepare and to get the same Excel file you get together with the Pick Up Request email. 

This makes this section extremely helpful, as whenever you don't receive the Pick Up Request email as your inbox is full or because it ended up being rejected by your server, you can go to Partner Portal, extract the list and even send the attachment if you are using the service of a third party.

Kindly note that, for now, the export is available only after the cut off time, when the list is final. Basically, you will be able to click on the button "Export" only when its colour turns red!