"In Transit" items are all those items that were picked up from you on a certain month, but they are serving orders that have a delivery date happening in the following month.


On the 30th of May, we request you to prepare for pick up the following items

  • 1 q.ty of RPC 12345 for the order #38cxuet-m4pq-7311g with delivery date 31st of May 2017
  • 2 q.ties of RPC 123456 for for the order #38cxuet-m4pq-4627k with delivery date 1st of June 2017

In this example, the 2 quantities of RPC 123456 are "In Transit" itemsĀ and, though they were picked up on the 30th of May they will be paid to you with the invoice of June, as they were delivered the 1st of June.

You can see the In Transit items in the Invoice Summary and in the Invoice Details excel, downloadable from Partner Portal.

See below for reference.