In the Pickup list in Partner Portal and in the Pickup Request Email, you will see a column indicating the minimum Acceptable Expiry Date for pick up (see screenshots below). This date should give you the indication of the expiry date printed on your products that we can accept, in order to maintain the Freshness Guarantee promised to our Customers. Please take note that handwritten expiry dates will NOT be accepted by RedMart, please ensure they are stamped or affixed on the product.


A customer orders a chicken fillet on and the Freshness Guarantee is 2 day + including the delivery date. Let's imagine that the delivery date is the 10th of September. 

In order to guarantee 2 days of Freshness Guarantee, the minimum Acceptable Expiry Date for this order, would be the 12th of September and this is the date we will print in the Pick Up request. Also, this means that if you are not allowed to handle to our driver an item with  expiry date 11th of September, as it won't respect our promise to the Customer.

Kindly start checking this date against your products and liaise with your Category Manager for any issue you may have in respecting it, as starting from August we will not pick any item that has an expiry date that is earlier than the one printed in the Pick Up request.