If your products fall under the category group of:

  1. Beauty, Health, Baby - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Baby toys, baby wipes, baby food, pacifiers & teethers, diapers, hair care, hair styling, oral care, fragrance & deodorants, first aid, medicine, vitamins & supplements, etc.
  2. Books - Click Here
  3. Dairy & Chilled, Fresh, Frozen, Meat & Seafood, Bakery - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Fresh milk, fresh fruit juice, ice cream, deli & cooked meat, chilled desserts, baked goods & desserts, loaves & artisanal breads, etc.
  4. Food Cupboard, Alcohol, Beverages - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Chocolate & sweets, cooking sauces, pastes & kits, condiments & dressings, home baking & sugar, canned food, breakfast cereal, pasta, beer, alcohol, wine, spirits, water, soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, health drinks, etc.
  5. Home & Outdoor, Household & Pet - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Kitchen & dining, utility, bathroom, automotive, sports & outdoor, electronics & appliances, furniture, home decor, candles & home fragrance, etc.
  6. Multi-Categories 
    • If your products fall under multiple categories that are not grouped together (e.g Bakery and Food Cupboard), please Click Here.

After making a copy, rename the template with the NIS_[Category]_Store Name_No. of SKUs. Unless otherwise specified.

Fill in the google sheet and export the Excel file, then attach it in the ticket.

Once you have made a copy of the new listing template from above, read the instructions below to fill the template. Alternatively, you can also look at the ‘Explanation’ tab in the template for more details on each field.

  • Brand: Type in your Brand’s name. It should be in small caps unless it is in the name. Example: TRESemme is capitalised, Dove is not.
  • Sub-Brand/Product Title: Indicate the type of sub brands / variants you are listing. The sub brands must match the product name on the packaging.
  • Product Category: Select the most appropriate category for your product. This field determines where your product will show on our site. If there is no appropriate category listed please select 'Others' and leave the categories in Column CM - CQ blank.
  • Detailed Product Description: This is the description of the product that will be shown on RedMart’s website. Bullet Points are not accepted at the moment. (Max 750 characters, including spaces)
  • Minimum Days before Expiry: This should indicate the acceptable minimum number of days remaining until the expiry date, upon pickup of your product by our driver (but excluding the pick up day eg. if the minimum no. of days before expiry upon pickup is 10 days, please key in 9 days here)

  • Manufacturer: Your manufacturer’s name.
  • Country of Origin: The country in which your product is produced.
  • Supplier’s Product Code: This code is for your own reference to the products. If your company has its own product codes please include it here. Otherwise, it will be the same as the RedMart Product Code (RPC). PLEASE INDICATE "Not applicable" IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR OWN CODES, do not leave it blank.
  • Product Barcode: This is very important as our system will use barcodes to identify each item to be picked. Each of your item should have a unique barcode. Your manufacturer should have printed and pasted a barcode on each of your item. If you do not have a barcode for your item, please inform Partner Support so that we can provide you with a barcode template to print it for your item. PLEASE INDICATE "0000IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR OWN CODES, do not leave it blank.
  • Pack Type: Indicate “EA” for each (individually packed), “IP” for inner pack (individual item is tagged with unique barcode different from the barcode from box e.g. 6 cans of coke), “CS” for case (cartons). Please note that in the future, if you wish to change the pack type of an existing product, from one to the other, you are required submit this as a new product listing.
  • Selling Unit/Pack: Indicate the number of item that are sold in a pack. If you have indicated “EA” in column J, indicate this as “1”. If you have indicated “IP” or “CS” in column J, indicate the total number units available in each pack.
  • Volume or Weight per Piece: Indicate the volume or the weight of each individual item (numeric figure). Please be careful with the unit of measure!
  • Measure: Select from the dropdown to choose the unit of measurement. Eg. ml, kg, g, cm, pcs, etc.

  • Unit RSP SG$: The retail selling price of your item in Singapore Dollars. (Numeric value)
  • Commission %: The commission of each individual item in percentage. (Numeric value)


Filters allows customers to select and narrow their search on our site. Please select the relevant filters for your product only if applicable. The product category determines the relevancy of the filters where only specific fields will be available to be filled in. If the filter is:

  • Numeric – Please input a corresponding number if applicable
  • Binary – Please input ‘Yes’ if applicable
  • Dropdown – Please select from the choices available in the dropdown


Rich Product Content provides customers with more details and information regarding your products that might result in higher sales for you. The product category determines the relevancy of the Rich Product Content where only specific fields will be available to be filled in. If the filter is:

  • Numeric – Please input a corresponding number if applicable
  • Free Text – Please input the relevant information according to the description of the content required


These fields are for reference only and it provides an overview of how your products will appear on the site. Please do not edit it directly as it autofills from other fields. Do change the corresponding fields as stated if there are any discrepancies.

  • Product Name - This is how the product will appear on the site. It is autofilled based on the combination of the Brand (Column A) followed by the Sub-Brand/Product Title (Column B). Change columns A & B to edit this field.
  • Dimensions – This column shows how the product quantity will appear on the site. Autofilled based on the combination of the product dimensions provided in Column J, K, L. Change columns J, K, L to edit this field.
  • Product Category 1-4 - Indicates the different levels and subcategories of your product. This where your product will be categorised for reporting purposes on our end. It is NOT where your product will appear on our site.
  • Web Category - This field determines where your product will show up on our site. It allows RedMart's customers to find your products easily on our site.We allow for multiple categorisation here where each categorisation is separated by a '#'. Please check through and delete any additional categories that are irrelevant.
  • Marketplace - Indicates if your product is under marketplace. If yes, 'Marketplace' should be autofilled.

Once you have finished populating all the mandatory fields, export the excel file then attach in your email to rm_mstsupport@care.lazada.com