Every week, we process the undelivered items, which means we Quality Check all the items that for any reason, didn't reach the customer. 

Every Monday, Seller Support will upload the list of undelivered items that passed the QC and, as such, will be returned to you.

All the sellers can check if they items to be returned in "Partner Portal", section "Orders", tab "Pending Returns" (see image below).

On Mondays, Seller Support will notify all the sellers by email to check:

  1. Whether they have any upcoming returns for that week, and
  2. If the price applied for the upcoming returns is correct

From this notification, you have 5 working days to notify us if there are any price disputes. Once the 5 working days have passed, no price dispute will be attended to.

All the items uploaded on the Monday, will be returned from Tuesday to Thursday of the same week. If any item is not delivered to you by then, it will be removed from the list of returns.

The returned items come with a pull out form which you are required to sign as a proof of receipt. From the date of receipt of the items, you have 5 working days to come back with discrepancies such as missing item, damages, etc. Once the 5 working days have passed, no dispute will be attended to. 

For any discrepancy, price issue, rejection, etc, you should only submit a request to Seller Support.

Once the invoice for the month is generated, the total amount of the undelivered items that are returned to you will be deducted from the total payout.