The excel file is organised in three tabs:


From column A to O:

  • Pick Up Date is the date that we picked up items from your pick up location.
  • Pick Up ID is the unique identifier number for that pick up, this is the number you can use to dispute any discrepancies related to a specific pick up.
  • Order Create Date is the date the customer placed the order.
  • Order Delivery Date is the date RedMart delivered the order to customer, this date is registered after the customer signs our delivery app acknowledging to receive the items.
  • Order Number is the unique identifier for a specific customer order, this is important for you to dispute any topics related to specific customer orders.
  • Invoice Number is the unique identifying number for each invoice your store issues to a customer for their order.
  • Product Title is the product name displayed in the store that customer see.
  • Seller SKU / Barcode majority of times this is the barcode number of your products however in some rare situations where the product doesn't have a barcodes this will be the SKU number attributed by the seller or by RedMart.
  • RPC is the RedMart Product Code attributed by RedMart to all products in the store, this is an internal number RedMart uses to identify and track products.
  • Product Size are the dimensions of the product displayed by width and height.
  • Product Retail Price is the regular price of products excluding discounts and promotions.
  • Product Selling Price is the price that the customer bought the item which can include discount or promotions.
  • Quantity Ordered - Number of items ordered by the customer.
  • Quantity Picked - Number of items picked and acknowledged by your pick up manager.
  • Quantity Picked and Delivered - Number of items picked, signed and delivered to customer.


Columns P to AC:

  • Quantity Picked but Undelivered - Number of items picked and signed but failed to deliver.
  • Quantity to be delivered next month - Number of items picked and to be delivered the next month to the customer.
  • Quantity Picked Amount - The dollar value of items that was picked and signed for at your store.
  • Picked and Delivered Amount - The dollar value of items that was picked, signed and delivered to customer.
  • Delivered Payables - The dollar value that Redmart will pay to the seller less commissions and GST.
  • Picked and Undelivered Items Amount - The dollar value of items that were picked but failed to deliver to the customer.
  • Picked and Undelivered Items Payables - What Redmart will pay to the seller for the picked but failed delivery items.
  • To be delivered and Paid Next Month - The dollar value of items that have been picked and will be delivered to customer the following month and paid to the seller.
  • Total Payables - The sum of delivered item payables and undelivered item payables that will be paid to you for the month.



In the second tab of the same file, you can see the details regarding the list of items that have been returned to you in the month.

See Undelivered items here and learn how to read them.



In the third tab of the same file, you can see the details about the adjustments process for your Store. In particular:

  • Reason Code - The category of the adjustment. Example of reasons codes are: Undelivered Items Discrepancies, Fee - Quality Issue
  • Reason Details - The detailed explanation on why you have this invoice adjustment. Usually invoice adjustment are discussed with Seller Support prior to their creation, so this should work as a reminder
  • Amount -  it will be positive whenever is a debit note (we will pay this amount to you) and negative for a credit note (we will deduct this amount from your payout).
  • More information on invoice adjustments here.