To view the payout for a specific month, follow the following steps:

  • Login to Partner Portal
  • Enter your Store name (if you have more than 1 store, else you will be entering Partner Portal directly)
  • Click on the “Finance” section, located on the top left of the screen (image below).

  • Select the month for which you want to see the monthly payout. Example: To view your July 2017 Account Statement and Invoice select Jul 2017 as shown below.

  • Note: The total balance displayed on the right side of this page is the Final Payout, the total amount RedMart will pay you from sales, successfully delivered, and other products RedMart decided to absorb the cost for.
  • Welcome to the Invoice page in Partner Portal

  • In case of an invoice regeneration, you should see the previous versions under the Document History section that comes after the Invoices section: