Right now there are two ways you can run promotions for your products:

  1. You can set up promotions directly from Partner Portal. Here, you can now run both Single promotions (e.g. XY% OFF or SGD XY OFF on products) and  Multi-Buy (e.g. Buy 3 Save 25%). 
    • Learn how to set up Single promotions here,
    • and Multi-Buy promotions here.
  2. You can set up LiveUp promotions by downloading the template from here: Promotion Template (as attached below)You just need to fill up the template and submit a request to Partner Support. If you are still not familiar on how the template works, you can learn how to fill it up here. The template is particularly useful if you want to set up different types of promotion at once.
  3. If you are setting promotions for a specific campaign, you have to fill out the form here to participate.