You can bulk update your stock via Partner Portal by clicking on the “Products” then on “Stock Update”.

You can download our stock template here: csv or xls

Use the following columns in the template to update your stock:

Fill in the product code which is your item's Supplier Product Code that you submitted in your product creation template, and the quantity.

Alternatively, you may upload any Excel file which has your Supplier Product Codes and Quantity you want to update.

Choose the row which your column headers/titles start. The default row is row 1.

  • Once uploaded, you will be asked to choose the column that represents your Supplier Product Code and Quantity.

  • Please select the column header/title from the dropdown menu and click “Next”.
  • Your selection will be remembered for future uploads. If you wish to use the same columns to update your stock via email, you may do so also.
  • If you want to change the file you may click on "Upload a new file" link.
  • You will be shown a preview of your upload, please check that the codes and quantities are correct.
  • Once you have verified the upload, please click “Complete Upload” to finish updating the stock.

You will be shown the results of your upload once it has completed.


  1. Always check your daily report for current stock levels on RedMart so you know how much quantity to top up.
  2. To save template as xlsx/xls/csv you can use Open Office, Libre Office or Microsoft Excel.
  3. Do not put anything other than your supplier product code under the "product code" column. Anything else will fail to update your stock.

Please also check the video tutorial below: