If the packaging of your product has changed (but the dimensions are the same as before), or simply you want to substitute the current images for your products, you can contact Seller Support and get the images processed and replaced


For the images that you want us to upload, please ensure your pictures respect this mandatory requirements:

  • JPEG format
  • Pixel Dimensions: 1600 by 1600 pixels
  • White Padding: 80 - 100 pixels around the product
  • Background: RGB 255 255 255
  • Resolution: 72 DPI

For each product, please respect strictly the following naming convention (else the pictures will NOT be processed): 

  • Barcode_0001  - for the front picture
  • Barcode_0002 - for the back picture 
  • Barcode_0003 - for the side picture
  • Barcode_0004 - for further details
  • Barcode_0005 - for further details
  • Barcode_0006 - for further details

Example: if your product has a printed barcode corresponding to 8001234674634, when you upload the pictures for this items you should rename them 

8001234674634_0001, 8001234674634_0002, 8001234674634_0003

Kindly note that if the barcode in the name of the picture is different from what is on Partner Portal, the image won't be uploaded.

Once you made sure the above is respected, please book a session through this booking form: https://goo.gl/forms/YKxX6fIzm0ZgetDv1 selecting:

  • Editing and Uploading Only (these items doesn't have new dimensions and is for UPLOAD only) - if you have both pictures and dimensions for your items. Kindly note that we will soon suspend the possibility for the sellers to send their own dimensions and all the items will have to be sent here to be scanned with our machine
  • Editing and Dimensions (these items will be sent to our photo studio for dimension taking) - if you have pictures and you are missing dimensions


As a guide, it usually takes around 5-6 working days for the images to be edited and then uploaded into the system. You can check Partner Portal to assess if the images are uploaded.

Finally, kindly note the following:

  • If the pictures do not respect ALL the requirements and the naming convention mentioned above, they won't be processed
  • Please avoid sending us the new images via e-mail as they may be overlooked. Also, kindly avoid uploading .zip or .rar archive and just upload the single images instead. Just make sure to send us the link to the Dropbox folder

  • If you don't mention any particular treatment for your picture, we will just substitute all the pictures currently online with the new ones
  • if you want to add new pictures and not substitute the existing ones, kindly inform us about this and name the pictures accordingly (for instance if you already have 2 pictures uploaded and you want to add a third one, the suffix should be _0003)
  • If you want to replace a particular picture, kindly inform us about this and name the pictures accordingly (for instance if you already want to substitute the second picture currently online, the suffix should be _0002)