Some of the information about your products are currently not available for editing in Partner Portal on your own. If you wish to edit the Product Name, Product Description or any other information, please follow this link to upload the template for this request.

Please follow the instructions provided in that page, and make sure you are using this and only this template, to submit the changes.

Please note that if you wish to change the pack type of an existing product, from one to the other, you are required submit it as a new product listing.

Filling the Template

The template is split into the following sections;

B to K
Basic Product Information
L to AG
Rich Product Content

These fields correspond to the content you see on the product information page on our website. The example below shows rows of information on the product; How to Use, Ingredients, Storage, etc. These information greatly help our customers make their purchase decision

AH to CC

These fields corresponds to the filters you see in the various category pages, where customers are able to use them to find a specific group of products classified under that filter. The example below shows the Everyday Hair Care sub-category, the filters under Lifestyle/Benefits allow our customers to filter through hair care products that are suitable for Anti-Frizz, Oily Scalp, etc.

Read more about Rich product content and Filters here.