To list new products to your store, please follow the steps below.

1. Fill in the product template

  • You can list new products by accessing the template specific to your product category and select “Make a Copy
  • After making a copy, rename the template with the NIS_[Category]_Store Name_No. of SKUs. Unless otherwise specified.
  • Avoid exporting it to Excel as the dropdown for the categorisation will not work properly.

If your products fall under the category group of:

  1. Beauty, Health, Baby - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Baby toys, baby wipes, baby food, pacifiers & teethers, diapers, hair care, hair styling, oral care, fragrance & deodorants, first aid, medicine, vitamins & supplements, etc.
  2. Books - Click Here
  3. Dairy & Chilled, Fresh, Frozen, Meat & Seafood, Bakery - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Fresh milk, fresh fruit juice, ice cream, deli & cooked meat, chilled desserts, baked goods & desserts, loaves & artisanal breads, etc.
  4. Food Cupboard, Alcohol and Beverages - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Chocolate & sweets, cooking sauces, pastes & kits, condiments & dressings, home baking & sugar, canned food, breakfast cereal, pasta, beer, alcohol, wine, spirits, water, soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, health drinks, etc.
  5. Home & Outdoor, Household & Pet - Click Here
    • Products including but not limited to: Kitchen & dining, utility, bathroom, automotive, sports & outdoor, electronics & appliances, furniture, home decor, candles & home fragrance, etc.
  6. Multi-Categories
    • If your products fall under multiple categories that are not grouped together (e.g Bakery and Food Cupboard), please Click Here.

2. Submit a request to Seller Support

Please ensure you fulfil the following:

  • Copy the shareable link to the filled template in your request to Seller Support
  • After the new products have been created and are already visible in your Partner Portal, you can proceed to book an Imaging & Dimension-taking Service (photoshoot, picture editing & dimensions) by filling up this mandatory booking form. Check this content on how to fill the form.

Learn how to fill in your new listing template here.