Besides checking on Partner Portal for the list of items you should prepare for pickup, you will also receive an email from us that contains the same list of items you see. We refer to this e-mail as to the Pickup Request e-mail.

Between 11.40AM - 12.15PM (Mon-Fri, if you haven't activate your store for Weekend Pickups), you will receive:

  • Either a Pickup Request email (with items to prepare)
  • Or a No Pickup Request email (with no items to prepare)

Sellers who conduct weekend pickups, you will receive the pickup Request email at the same timing as well.

If you have pickup for the day you will receive this email (see Fig 1).

If you do not have pickup for the day, you will receive the other email template instead (see Fig 2).

Fig 1

Fig 2



Sellers who are conducting weekday morning Pickups, you will see two pickups in Partner Portal and receive two pickup request e-mails, separately for the morning and afternoon.

By 12.15PM, if you do not receive any of these emails, please inform Partner Support and check in Partner Portal for the items you should get ready on that day.

What information is provided in the pickup request email?

The pickup request email shows the items that we are going to pickup from you today. It will contains:

In addition, you will be receiving an attached Excel file to show you in depth details of the items to be picked today.

The only difference is that the Excel file shows you the order number and the product link to your item on Redmart website. With this Excel file, you can use the order number to do finance/warehouse reconciliation.

This excel file is now also available for download directly from Partner Portal. More info on this, HERE.