In the order page, you can see the following information:

  • Order Date - This is the date the customer placed the order.
  • Customer Order Number - This is the order reference number that the customer is assigned to his purchase.
  • Invoice - This is your invoice number for the order. You may add a prefix to the invoice number by emailing
  • Total Balance - This is the total sales value you have for the order.
  • Delivery Date - This is the date the customer indicated he wants his order to be delivered. We send a pick up job email at 11.30am today for orders which are due from 2pm of the next day till noon of the day after (e.g. if today is the 4th of August, we will come to pick up all the items to fulfil orders with a delivery date from the 5th of August 2PM to the 6th of August 12PM).

In this page you can also see the order status. Below the meaning of the status used:

  • Pending - New order pending delivery to customer
  • Delivered - All items were delivered to customer
  • Partially Delivered - Only some items were successfully delivered to customer
  • Undelivered - All items were undelivered
  • Cancelled - The order was cancelled by customer