Partner Portal allows you to close your shop on the days you will not be available for pickups as long as you do it 3 days before the next pickup.

As long as the dates have been set, you will not receive pickup emails on those days and your customer orders will be picked up on the day before the closing dates.

Note: You must indicate your closing dates 7 days in advance so that customers would not be disappointed. If you know your closing dates in advance, you can set your them here immediately.

Watch quick tutorial:

You may follow these steps to set your closing dates:

1) Click on “Store” then click on “Manage closing dates”.

2) You will be brought to your list of Pickup Locations. Click on “Manage closing dates”.

3) Click on “Edit” to open up the calendar to select your closing dates.

4) Select your date range or if you want to just set one day select the “Only One Day” option.

5) After selecting your dates, you will need to confirm your selection, click “Yes” to confirm or “No” to cancel.

6) You will find your closing dates in the list after you click “Yes”.

7) If you had selected a date that is too close to the next pickup date, you will receive a warning. If you click “Yes” to confirm, this means that you have told us not to pick up from your store. You will still receive a pickup email, but it will not be fulfilled. Click “No” if you don't want to close your store on the date.

Please note that we don’t perform Pick Ups during public holidays and in those days your store will be automatically closed and you won’t receive any Pick Up request email.